[Buch] Vox Day - SJWs Always Lie: Taking Down the Thought Police

[Buch] Vox Day - SJWs Always Lie: Taking Down the Thought Police

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The most important lesson of #GamerGate in this regard is that everything starts with you. There is a saying in #GamerGate that invariably confuses outsiders, “I am the Leader of GamerGate”. This is an inside joke, because we have no leaders, we reject the very concept of leaders, and if anyone were to seriously try to put himself forward as a leader everyone would mercilessly mock him as a shill. But it's more than a joke, it's also a form of encouragement, because what it is also saying is “I am the Leader of GamerGate and so can you!”

In #GamerGate, no one gives any orders. No one tells you what to do. You're just expected to look around, see what needs doing, and then do it. No one made Milo, Mike, and me the leaders of #GamerGate in Paris, we just decided to do it; now we're looking at holding another one in Barcelona because Kukuruyo and some Spanish GamerGaters are interested in arranging a meetup there.

So don't wait for anyone else to do anything. Talk to a few friends. Kick around a few ideas. Send a few emails. Create a few Twitter memes and see if the spark happens to catch anyone's interest. Don't expect your target to come tumbling down, just start the process. Whether you succeed or not – and remember, #GamerGate has had far more abortive ops and ineffective failures than successes—the point is that you have taken a stand and you have struck a blow. And because you have done so, someone else will do so as well. It's impossible to know which one action will turn out to be effective, just as it's impossible to know which straw will be the one to snap the camel's back. But you do know this: the only action that is completely ineffective is the one that is never taken.

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