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Open Pirate Bay

Beitragvon 0utput » Sa 20. Dez 2014, 01:32

Open Pirate Bay

Posted by team on Dec. 19

Hello everyone!

We, the team that brought you and, are brining you the next step in the torrent evolution. Pirate Bay open source code.



History of torrent sites such as Isohunt and The Pirate Bay gives us a lesson that would be a crime not to learn. The era of individual torrent sites is over. They are easy targets and can be destroyed in one moment. We must change the whole concept of torrents.

That is why we created Pirate Bay open source. It’s completely free! Now you can create your own copy of The Pirate Bay! Update and enhance this code to make it better for everyone.

First of all, we are creating the simple 6 step wizard where the minimum tech savvy person can create their own copy of the TPB. It has the two options. You can use our database and Sphinx search engine or use your own. The person only needs the hosting.

At the second, we are creating open GitHub repository where the community can create new functions and features for the distributed TPB.

And at the third, we will create dump database torrent file with the content from isohunt, kickass torrents and old pirate bay so anyone can download the current copy of the content from the top 3 torrent sites and update it by themselves.

Ideas are immortal and belong to everybody.

Welcome to the new era!
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Re: Open Pirate Bay

Beitragvon luxperpetua » Di 23. Dez 2014, 16:22


dazu noch
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